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    7 Interior Decoration Trends of the Moment

    When you imagine current decorating trends, what comes to mind? We’ve got seven options for you to dream of. There’s…

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    Making a Herringbone Pattern with Mouldings

    At Boulanger, we dare using colours and patterns! With the strong herringbone design trend, we created a unique table top,…

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    A Personalized Headboard !

    Creating a majestic headboard is made possible with a well-thought-out moulding combination! Boulanger proposes a selection of mouldings to create…

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    Doll house project

    Our DIY pine and spruce edge-glued panels are ideal for the creation of projects of all sizes! In our new…

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    Mouldings that steal the spotlight!

    Mouldings are usually painted in shades of white to complement interior doors and ceilings. This allows them to frame or define the…

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    Christmas box project

    The Holiday season is a great period to do any DIY and decorative projects! At Boulanger, we enjoyed creating a Christmas flower box. Nothing…

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    Panelled Ceilings

    Are you familiar with decorative paneling? These panels, which can be square, rectangular, or sometimes even octagonal in shape, are…

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    Before & After – Children’s room transformation

    If you haven’t seen the new decorating TV show Inspiration Design hosted by the incredibly talented Karyne Beauregard, you should. It airs on…

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