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    7 tips for accent wall

    You can probably think of one wall in your house that needs a spruce up! Create your own accent wall for a decor that is anything but bland! We wouldn’t want to brag, but you can create quite spectacular patterns with Boulanger’s mouldings and wall covering products!

    Through the following photos, discover several featured walls with various styles and patterns created with our products. Boulanger has a style for every taste.

    1. Geometrical Caissons

    Geometrical caissons provide options well beyond square and rectangular shapes. For this kind of project, patience is a must, but breathtaking results will make it worthwhile! Caissons can take various shapes, such as diamonds, hexagons, octagons and prisms. Symmetry and thoroughness are the key to success! Use masking tape to properly prepare your wall with the pattern of your choice. In these inspiring photos, the use of a tone-on-tone colour pallet has a relaxing effect. Opt for contrasting colours for a greater punch!

    Swedish living

    Seating area at Greneta Wine Bar in St. Petersburg.

    Sources : Pinterest

    2.Square Caissons

    Square caissons are a true interior design classic. You can make them with any type of mouldings: decorative, crown and rectangular mouldings, and more! Boulanger offers a unique solution to make your task easier. The main benefit of our  Square Wall Covering is its ease of installation. Even if manual work is not your forte, designing your accent wall with this product will be as easy as one, two, three! It consists of a set of precut and bevelled mouldings. The 24 × 24 inch caissons can easily be applied on an eight-foot-high wall. Have you thought about making a headboard out of them?

    Boulanger vous propose une sélection de revêtements muraux en pin et MDF apprêté incluant différents modèles de lambris et de composants pour caissons.

    Revêtement mural carré en MDF apprêté - Roland Boulanger & Cie ltée

    Source: Roland Boulanger & Cie ltee

    3.Rectangular Caissons

    Another classic in interior design: rectangular caissons. These can be made in different sizes and they don’t all have to be identical. By using different rectangle sizes, you can play with the visual perception of space. For example, using both rectangles and squares creates a much more dynamic look. What a nice way to liven up a room!

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    Source: Pinterest

    4.Rectangular Vertical Mouldings

    Are you familiar with the board-and-batten moulding style? Usually used as exterior siding on country-style houses, we now welcome it inside, namely in farmhouse-inspired decors. This pattern, made of narrow rectangular mouldings or laths arranged vertically, giving a heightening effect to the room. It is also a useful trick to give warmth and coziness to a room!

    Vinyl Floor Tile Sticker Floor decals Carreaux Ciment | Etsy

    rust colored paint on faux wainscoting. / sfgirlbybay

    Source: Pinterest

    5.Lower Wall Pattern

    A pattern in the lower part of the wall is another great idea for an accent wall project. Opt for wood paneling, a board-and-batten pattern or caissons to create a separation with the lower part of the wall. You can then choose a different colour for each wall portion to accentuate the contrast. You may also want to add a shelf to make it both purposeful and elegant! This is one of our favorite design tips!

    Modern and Vintage Boy's Nursery Reveal

    Sources: Pinterest

    6.Herringbone Pattern

    The herringbone pattern is a very fashionable contemporary design, and our WoodBox wood covering is perfect for recreating this style in a warm and rustic way! These short pine boards, available in several colours, are provided with a four-sided tongue and groove system that will make your work easier. What a beautiful and creative idea to decorate a wall or to make a pretty headboard! For a more modern and contemporary look, use white rectangular mouldings, and voila!

    Embedded image

    Create a unique wall treatment using Timberwall planks. The planks are available in a variety of styles and shades, and have a heavy duty adhesive strip on the back that makes installation a breeze. This chevron pattern accent wall from Yellow Brick Home makes a subtle statement in a beautiful living room transformation.

    Source: Pinterest

    7. Paneling

    When it comes to paneling, possibilities are endless! Beaded, V-joint or shiplap: Boulanger offers a wide selection for all your needs. No matter what style you choose, wood paneling will add texture and character to your room while impressing your guests! A guaranteed “wow” effect!

    You Need to See The Dramatic Before & After Photos of This Dallas Remodel #theeverygirl

    chambre à coucher en gris et bleu, lampe suspendue, tête de lit capitonnée, lambris gris

    Source: Pinterest


    These accent wall mouldings and coverings will add personality to any room. The sky’s the limit! All you need to do is find your favorite looks!

    Are you excited about renovating one of your rooms at home? Visit our Interior Finishing section to discover the wide variety of products we offer and even more inspiring ideas!