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    A Century-Old House Updated to Modern Tastes

    Century-old houses have an undeniable cachet with their woodwork, floors and walls that expanded and contracted with the years, unique layout, and the special atmosphere of a home with stories to tell.

    This 1894 house located in Warwick, the town of Roland Boulanger & Cie ltee headquarters, has kept its original look while being modernized over the years.

    The current owners lovingly renovated each room over almost 15 years. Here is a glimpse of this magnificent house, with its oh-so inviting lounge!


    We love the pairing of white and wood grain in this room. The white brings in a lot of brightness that highlights the furniture, the flooring, the mouldings, and the woodwork.

    Combining contemporary furniture and accessories with a more vintage architecture also contributes to a fresh look!


    The fireplace, the room’s centrepiece, has been restored and modernized. Its SHIPLAP style gives it a contemporary look that matches perfectly with the rest of the decor. Once again, the colour chosen for the fireplace harmonized gorgeously with the room.

    Note how the ceiling covered with the original panelling is a beautiful asset well preserved and updated!


    And finally, this warm little hall leading directly to the living room stole our heart. We love its large baseboards and that beautiful case furniture—an antique-style cabinet made from recycled materials.


    Reproducing this atmosphere that almost demands a peaceful cocooning moment is quite possible with Boulanger products! Visit our INTERIOR FINISHING page to view our complete selection of mouldings, panelling, and other wall coverings.