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    DIY project of hexagonal shelves

    Why not make the most of summer and bring some greenery inside? In addition to adding freshness and brightness to a room, plants are very trendy right now! We currently see a lot of cacti, succulent plants and green walls in interior design.

    To integrate plants without taking up too much space, Boulanger offers a DIY project of hexagonal shelves you can make from our edge-glued panels.

    These easy-to-build shelves allow you to customize your decor and make it unique. Just make sure you have the right tools at hand and follow the six steps below.

    To complete this project, you will need the following:

    • Screw gun
    • Screws
    • Wood glue
    • Finishing nails
    • Shelf brackets
    • Stain or finish of your choice
    • Mitre saw
    • Edge-glued panels
    • Plants

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    Step 1: The Sketch

    Make a sketch on the wall to get an idea of the final result. This will allow you to determine the number of hexagons and their dimensions. To determine the width of each box, think about the size of pots you want to display.


    Step 2: The Cut

    Set your mitre saw to 30 degrees and cut out six identical pieces to make your first hexagon. This one will serve as a template. Repeat the exercise according to the number of hexagons you want. This step is very important, because if your cuts are uneven, you will not be able to properly perform the following steps.

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    Step 3: The Assembly

    Assemble the six pieces cut during the previous step to form a hexagon. Glue and nail the pieces together to make sure your shelves are solid.

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    Step 4: The Staining

    You can now apply the finish of your choice to your shelves so that everything fits well with the style of your decor. Our spruce edge-glued panels can also receive all types of finish: oil, wax, stain, varnish, or paint!

    Step 5: The Fastening

    Fix your hexagons to the wall using metal brackets designed for this purpose, available at hardware stores and building material retailers.

    Step 6: The Decoration

    Finally, garnish your shelves with pretty plants, and voila! This is a project you will be proud of and one that will surely impress your guests! Let’s bet that they’ll want to replicate this geometric composition at home!


    Here are some other ideas to present your plants at home using our edge-glued panels!