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    Sleek and trendy moulding collection

    Boulanger’s PURE collection is growing!

    MDF mouldings in traditional styling may still be very popular, but a growing number of homeowners are discovering the new streamlined designs. In fact, today’s new contemporary homes are perfectly suited to these straight, modern mouldings. We’re now also seeing mouldings bevelled at various angles as well as grooved mouldings.

    Collection Pure

    The PURE collection includes a wide range of mouldings in MDF and jointed pine. They’re also primed to simplify your life. Our PURE collection features highly versatile models that can be mixed and matched to create all sorts of stunning combinations. So get creative!

    BASEBOARD – Combination of rectangular moulding (#80469) and square quarter round (#300088)

    Collection Pure 1

    Collection Pure 2

    PANELLED HALF-WALL – Combination of rectangular mouldings (#80467 – #80468) and square quarter round (#300088)

    Collection Pure 3