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    A Personalized Headboard !

    Creating a majestic headboard is made possible with a well-thought-out moulding combination!

    Boulanger proposes a selection of mouldings to create this pretty headboard that will assuredly match any style of décor. Simply install the mouldings directly to the wall or onto a structure built for this purpose. A great DIY project for the weekend!



    Pyramidal casings and baseboards would be a good match with this headboard project. These mouldings that have both a traditional and contemporary style will remain in vogue over time.

    Create your own moulding combination to create a custom headboard by visiting the interior finishing section of our website. Use only rectangular mouldings to create a more contemporary look.

    Colours used in this décor are Pink Hibiscus 2172-60 from Benjamin Moore for the walls, and Fog Mist OC-31 from Benjamin Moore for the headboard and mouldings.