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    Why Choose Boulanger?

    Since 1942, Boulanger has acquired a unique expertise in wood processing. Our staff is specialized in the development of custom products that will suit your manufacturing processes. 

    Supported by a team of analysts and designers, we offer customized solutions that will meet your most demanding criteria. 

    Reliable delivery service

    Compliance with manufacturing deadlines 

    Quality products that meet the highest standards and requirements on the market 

    Our Fields of Expertise

    Boulanger products are sought after by professionals who need high-quality customized products.
    Our expertise in product development allows us to meet the unique needs of your customers. 

    Our industrial division manufactures components for the following industries:

    The products manufactured and distributed by Boulanger include the following:

    • Primed products
    • Products with vinyl, PVC, paper, polyester, and wood veneer
    • Decorative mouldings
    • Embossed mouldings
    • Wood and other materials

    Here are the wood essences that are used in the manufacture of our products:

    • Eastern white pine
    • Oak
    • Aspen
    • Birch
    • Wood fibre (MDF)

    Our Main Customers

    Boulangers main customers are in the United States and Canada. The most developed markets include Québec, Ontario, the Maritimes, Western Canada, and some 20 American states. An average of 35% of our business is done with our American neighbour. 

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