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    standard products

    Our line of exterior door frames and brick mouldings includes coated and uncoated models. The adhesives used for jointing, PURE laminating adhesive, and vinyl and PVC coatings are approved for outdoor applications.

    They are made of eastern white pine and are available in  :

    • Natural finger jointed
    • Primed finger jointed
    • Laminated PVC finger jointed
    • Laminated vinyl finger jointed
    • Laminated wood grain finish vinyl finger jointed

    The laminated products are made from finger joined pine. Frames are also available in primed, knotty and knotty with a clear rim.


    Exterior Door Frames

    1-3/16 in x 4-9/16 in

    1-1/4 in x 4-9/16 in 1-7/16 in x 4-9/16 in

    1-3/16 in x 5-1/4 in

    1-1/4 in x 5-1/4 in

    1-7/16 in x 5-1/4 in

    1-3/16 in x 6-9/16 in

    1-1/4 in x 6-9/16 in

    1-7/16 in x 6-9/16 in

    1-3/16 in x 7-1/4 in

    1-1/4 in x 7-1/4 in

    1-7/16 in x 7-1/4 in

    1-3/16 in x 9-1/4 in 1-1/4 in x 9-1/4 in

    1-7/16 in x 9-1/4 in


    Brick Moulding

    1-¼ in x 2 in

    1-1/8 in x 1-5/8 in

    *Length according to specifications. 

    Special sizes and other products are available upon request. 

    Wrapped products

    Our highly technological PVC and vinyl wrapping process increases the value of genuine wood frames, while the material’s high flexibility allows for a perfect fit to the frame. We adapt our wrapping techniques to your product and model specifications to ensure precise quality wrapping every time.